The "Masseria sul Mare" farmhouse in Avola, Sicily, is an enchanting place that offers an authentic and relaxing experience for visitors. It is located in a privileged position right along the coast, combining the charm of an ancient farmhouse with the beauty of the sea.

The farmhouse restaurant is one of the main attractions. Here, you can enjoy typical dishes of Sicilian cuisine prepared with fresh and local ingredients. Sicilian cuisine is famous for its variety and the use of high-quality ingredients, often sourced directly from the surrounding land and sea.

Some of the dishes you might find on the menu include freshly made homemade pasta with sauces based on local tomatoes, freshly caught fish cooked with aromatic herbs and local extra virgin olive oil, fresh salads with seasonal vegetables and regional cheeses, and traditional Sicilian desserts such as cannoli and cassata.

The restaurant might also offer a selection of local wines, which are a perfect complement to the meals. The sea view during the meals adds a unique atmosphere, creating a truly memorable culinary experience.